Wednesday, January 9, 2008


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lit at night by flashlight, Ansco Rediflex + Nikon D70


Melissa said...

Your pictures are beautiful. I could take still life pictures forever and not make them look like that, what is your secret?

Val Cox said...

thank you Melissa! I guess the secret was in choosing two really pretty star fruit from the start, one under ripe, one over ripe. Then I arranged them many times so that it looked balanced and interesting, within the constrained square format.

The camera I'm using is a vintage viewfinder camera, with a plastic cheap lens. The camera cost maybe $5. Then I use a (more expensive) Nikon digital to take a photo of the old top bubble viewfinder itself. This gives me a nice tight square image with a lot of edge distortion.

I'm using dramatic lighting by shooting at night in the bathroom. The single flashlight adds the details and highlights and lights this translucent fruit, you really can't go wrong. I took many images of this scene and they all looked pretty good!

It's fun when it works out and makes the many times it doesn't work less frustrating, if that makes sense! Thanks for stopping by! Val