Monday, March 23, 2009

val' s contraption

val' s contraption
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This is one of my favorite, lightweight contraption I've been using for a while.

Parts and pieces from Home Depot to assemble the pieces and provide a light block. Any parts and pieces will do, this is just what I used on this particular contraption. I have 5 other contraption of various materials, centered around the idea of it being a lightweight contraption (I'm small in height and mass) and it needed to be strong and stable for travel.

Parts are plumbing ring bracket, Paul Mitchell shampoo bottle, handle, aluminum strip cut to length (17"), Nikon D70, Nikkor Macro 60mm, balsa wood parts cut to fit cavity of Argus to secure tube to base camera. I forgot to include the 58mm rubber hood in this photos.

Image captured through the viewfinder of an Ansco Rediflex + Nikon D2H

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