Friday, September 5, 2008

choosing my base camera

choosing my base camera
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Top Left: Duaflex and Argus, note from back panel to bottom of viewfinder is a space of about 1”. The Duamflex or Argus work well with my Nikon where the lens sets high on the body, but not so well with the Canon—which sets low.

Lower row: Brownie Starflex on left, Brownie Reflex on right.

The Brownie Reflex could work well and be very simple to build a contraption because of the flat back and ease in disassembling/reassembling. I have 4 of these, but each one has a very dusty lens and moldy mirror. This isn’t the look she wants. Besides this is a very heavy camera, so it’s the second strike against it for my mom’s contraption.

The Starflex is a candidate because of the viewfinder position, and I have one that is very clean and clear, still in the original 1950's store package. My mom will like the bright clarity of this viewfinder and especially the lightweight.

The Starflex poses many more contruction issues because there are no flat panels. This body is all curves with odd viewfinder angles. Building the contraption to house it will be more work, but in the end, I think it’s my best choice.

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