Wednesday, July 9, 2008

ttv enlarger contraption

ttv enlarger contraption
Originally uploaded by valcox
I rebuilt this enlarger contraption and switched out the duaflex to an argus 75, as it fit a bit more snug. The Nikon and Argus are supported by a back brace, which I made to fit and support by existing screw holes and bolts within the existing enlarger whenever possible.

It's rigid and solid and the base is on wheels. The whole unit glides up and down on a track. I've used it successfully for long exposure, flight-light lit still lifes. My plan is to do some portrait shots when I can get the kids or their friends over to model!

This unit isn't portable, it sits in a corner of the basement. The main Nikon camera is removable to use on my main portable ttv contraption.

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