Wednesday, May 28, 2008

the old clothes pin factory

the old clothes pin factory
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ann schneider said...

Here I am looking for all the TTV information I can find and I find you! I have been doing polaroid transfer for 20 years and i love this look even more.
I'm sure you still make time for glass...I try...not very good at finding the time.
Your shots are wonderful!
ann (ann*s, ann_s, ams356, )

Val Cox said...

Ann, how wonderful to find you here! It's a great technique and completely addictive! Let me know if you need help. Be sure to checkout the 'through the viewfinder' group at flickr, so much talent and ideas.

annie said...

Thanks! I'm just starting to look for a camera and the photo of your contraption is the best I've seen. I have been looking at through the viewfinder for a few days. Love it and I guess I should join Flickr....I have a mac, which has such great organization for photos and doing movies and slideshows that I haven't put photos anywhere else in a long time.
I really love the way these look. I am addicted already. I'm about to bid on several different cameras. Very excited!!

annie said...

hmmm.I wonder where that annie name came from...must be logged on a different or newer account! Weird...and funny....that is what my grandaughter calls me.