Saturday, April 12, 2008

argus 75 & argoflex 75

argus 75 & argoflex 75
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An Argus 75 is a heavier weight camera than the more common Kodak Duaflex camera. At the time of this writing, the Argus are easier to locate for a lower price, in the used camera market, than the Duaflex. The Argus 75 has three different names, though all nearly identical in style. The most common is the 'Argus Seventy-Five', followed by the "Argoflex Seventy-Five', and the less common "Argus 75".

When you find one in the marketplace, they generally include the original leather carry case, which is likely the reason they tend to be in good condition, with clear lenses and mirrors. The bakelite is indestructive, but tends to make the cameras heavy in weight.

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