Sunday, March 30, 2008

cracked frame viewfinder

cracked frame viewfinder
Originally uploaded by valcox
Ansco Rediflex bubbletop viewfinder, without light blocking shield against glare and reflections.


Alison said...

Alison in Vermont here again. How did you take this bit of hardware off?

Val Cox said...

actually that wasn't so easy to get off. This was an early experiment before I realized I could get in and clean it without breaking anything.

Start with the back screws you see here, each thing you take apart will lead to another. Undoing these will be enough to get the top glass out to clean and will give you access to the mirror for cleaning and the back of the front face lens for cleaning.

The Ansco lenses are unusual because they are very large and they are glass not plastic. They are bright and let in a lot of light.

Many ttv cameras work well when dirty and dusty. These lenses are too nice to not have clean. A clean Ansco will serve you well in ttv. Save the dirty lens for an Argus or Duaflex or more common base camera.